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Hansel and Gretel ... Coming soon!

Not before time, a sparkling, up-to-date pantomime version of this heart-warming tale

Our brand new 20th pantomime, to be released early in 2018!

Provisional cast and scenery requirements are listed below
hansel and gretel
Wayfarers Pantomime Society
EXCERPT from Act II Scene 6: Inside the Sugar Candy Cottage © Alan P Frayn

PRINCE:You’re the kind old lady who makes gingerbread for the children, aren’t you?
WITCH:Why, yes, that’s right, my dear.  (Aside, to audience:) Well, “for the children” – “from the children” – there’s not much difference!
PRINCE:I was wondering if you’d seen a small boy and girl pass this way recently?
WITCH:Sorry, no.
(There is a knocking noise from within the cupboard.)
PRINCE:What was that?
(The WITCH moves to the door, still facing the Prince and kicks the cupboard door angrily with the back of her heel.)
WITCH:Don’t worry, sweetheart, it’s only the mice!
PRINCE:Oh, I see.  Well, if you haven’t seen anyone, I’ll leave you to your good deeds.  (Then, as an after-thought:) Oh, by the way – as you give all your gingerbread to youngsters, you’ll need to be CRB checked now, I’m afraid.
WITCH:All these rules and regulations!
PRINCE:I know, but in your case, it’s just a formality, you understand.  You may have already received the form?
WITCH:This one?  (She takes out a folded piece of paper.)  I was going to post it …
PRINCE:Here, let me save you the trouble.  (He takes it, unfolds it and is taken aback.)  Hey, wait a minutes – what’s this?  It says, “When do you like children best?”  And you’ve put: “When I’m eating one”!
WITCH:No, that says, “When I’m meeting one”!
PRINCE:Oh, my mistake!  But the next question is, “What do you enjoy most about them?”  And you’ve answered: “Their tender young livers”!
WITCH:Lives!  Their tender young lives!
PRINCE:(Continuing to read) “Not to mention their sweet hearts”?
WITCH:Not to mention they are sweethearts!  (She rolls her eyes impatiently.)
PRINCE:But it goes on: “What is your favourite food?”  And you say: “Steak and kiddie pie”!
WITCH:No, “Steak and kidney pie”!  You should have gone to Specsavers, my dear!
PRINCE:But look!  “What is your favourite sound?”  And you’ve put: “A child slaughter”!
WITCH:Your eyes are bad!  You didn’t see the apostrophe.  It says: “A child’s laughter”!
PRINCE:Oh, so it does!  How silly of me!
Although both are about 10-15, they are often played by older teenagers. (Male and female)
FRITZ: Hansel and Gretel’s father, a woodcutter. (Male)
HILDEGARD: Hansel and Gretel’s mean step-mother. (Female)
Pantomime Dame, a jovial gypsy. (Obviously, best played by a man)
WALLY: Peggy’s silly son. (Male but could be played by female)
HEATHER: Peggy’s bright daughter. (Principal girl)
PRINCE JOHANN: Typical Prince character. (Can either be played by male, or female as Principal Boy)
ENGLEBERT: The Prince’s Equerry. (Male, or could be re-named female, possibly a youngster)
BASIL: The dim-witted forester and game-keeper. (Male but could be played by female)
NUT-MEG: A daft forager who teams up with Basil for form a typical panto-style comedy twosome. (Female)
BLUEBELL: The Fairy of the Forest. (Female)
NIGHTSHADE: The Wicked Witch of the Woods. (Female)
WOLFGANG: A circus ringmaster. (Male, or could be re-named female)
OTTO: A barn owl (Male or female – smaller part)
Forest Animals / Birds
Circus Performers / Clowns
Gingerbread Men
Scenes  (Notes on simplified scenery are also included in the script)
Prologue: Forest Fairy Feud (Front cloth or front of Tabs)
Scene 1 : The Village of Munchen Luncheon (Full stage village scene)
Scene 2 : Gypsy Japes (Front cloth or front of Tabs)
Scene 3 : Into the Woods … (Full stage forest scene)
Scene 4 : Meanwhile, Back in the Village (As Act I Scene 2)
Scene 5 : Recipe for Disaster (Half-stage scene with MS Tabs or cloth)
Scene 6 : A Turn Up for the Books (As Act I Scene 2)
Scene 7 : Join the Circus (Full stage circus scene – inside the big top)
Scene 1 : Peggy Pumpernickel’s Party (Full stage gypsy encampment scene, or as Act I Scene 1)
Scene 2 : The Powers of Persuasion (As Act I Scene 2)
Scene 3 : Return to the Woods (As Act I Scene 3)
Scene 4 : The Petrified Forest (As Act I Scene 3, plus cottage)
Scene 5 : A Plan is Hatched (As Act I Scene 2)
Scene 6 : Inside the Sugar Candy Cottage (Full stage scene with oven)
Scene 7 : Back Home Again (As Act I Scene 1)
Scene 8 : Fun before we Finish! (Front of Tabs)
Scene 9 : Farewell from the Forest (Full stage Finale)

Please contact us if you’d like to be notified as soon as this script is available.
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